These are my top feel good movies. Before you read this list keep in mind that I don’t look at ratings. If I enjoyed a movie and it made me feel good, the ratings doesn’t matter to me. So, please don’t judge.

I’m always looking for feel good movies to watch, so why not make a list of my own to help others out.

Let’s start with my favorite:

The Blind Side

I love The Blind Side so much! I’ve watched it so many times and I still love it. I love movies where people help turn someone’s life around, especially if it’s a true story! I always cry happy tears. I’m not just saying it. I really do. This movie is so sweet and heartfelt. It shows you that they’re still good people in the world. People who are not afraid and divided by what the media and government tells them.

The Holiday

I’ve watched this one quite a few times. This movie is basically a dream we’ve all probably had. The one where you leave your life behind and take a step back from everything that’s bringing you down, and you swap it with someone else so you can experience a different life. I think what’s nice about this is that you start off with two women who are down in the dumps and slowly watch them work it out.

Ruby Red – Rubinrot

I’m sure some of you know the book Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier, I don’t know if you knew there’s a German movie adaptation for it. For some reason I had so much fun watching it. There’s something about the movie that is very nostalgic. It’s like a chick flick with more to it. The second one, Saphirblau, was a lot of fun too, and it felt like a continuation of the first movie. But the third one was eh.

The Proposal


Another enjoyable movie with hilarious scenes. Yes, it’s nothing different and the storyline is pretty much a standard chick flick, but it’s got the humor right. I watched it not long ago after years and was pleasantly surprised by the funny scenes I’d forgotten about.

The Intouchables


I was looking for a true story movie like The Blind Side and people seemed to really enjoy this. It’s a french movie so you have to watch it with subtitles. This movie hits you in the feels. For me, it didn’t pass the devotion and love Blind Side had, but it’s still an amazing story of two men supporting each other in tough times. It’s humors, realistic and touching.

The Help

I want to start of by saying, I don’t agree with hollywood reminding people of how colored people were segregated. In my opinion it’s another way of keeping a divide in the races. That’s how they work. Divide and conquer. As for the movie. The title says it all. You already know I like movies where people help each other. What more can I say? It’s such a nice touching and sentimental story. There are a lot of different stories and each are moving and heartfelt. Although there are some dark moments in the movie, it somehow retains a light humor through out.



I love Stardust. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. It’s so much fun! It’s a mix of witty, bantery characters and crazy, unpredictable characters. It’s an adventure movie that takes you on a journey. If you’re like me and enjoy magical stories, you’ll love Stardust.

She’s The Man


All I remember is that She’s The Man was hysterical! I need to watch it again. It’s just another typical chick flick but one that can actually make you laugh out loud.

Princess Diaries 1 & 2


You know some movies have a sentimental feeling? The first one one of those for me. I watched it back when I was young and I loved the whole feel of the movie. So now when I watch it, it takes me back to the good old days. It’s a lot more grounded and real than the second. The second one is more mindless entertainment for when you just want to watch something silly and fun.



Penelope is such a cute movie. I think the best part about the movie is the character Penelope herself. She’s stuck with this crazy mother, been brainwashed her whole life, and lived life thinking she’s extremely ugly, yet she’s a positive character. When I first watched the movie it didn’t go where I thought it was going, which was a pleasant surprise. I loved how strong Penelope was and focused on herself rather than what people thought of her.

The Other Woman


This might be a really random movie to put in here, but I’ve actually watched it a few times. It’s a really good comedy in my opinion. It’s so silly and funny that it pulls you in. I like the fact that it’s about women sticking together and more about friendship than anything else. Now that I think about, it’s another movie about someone helping someone. What the heck. Anyway, it’s done in a cute, humors way. The girl who was cheated on is pretty crazy and it’s nice to see how her character develops by the end of the movie.

Animation Movies

Honestly, most animation movies could come under this list. There’s the usual popular ones: Ratatouille, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Wall-E, Nemo, How To Train Your Dragon. If you haven’t watched them, I highly recommend to.



I know Tangled is crazy popular, and that’s why it needs to get it’s own section. I love it! For me, there’s no debate that it’s better than Frozen. I actually went to watch Frozen because I loved Tangled so much. After all the raving reviews I was expecting to be mind blown and for Tangled to be blown out of the water, but I found myself waiting for that moment which didn’t come. Tangled is an over all amazing movie. It’s got everything! Comedy, action, solid story. And Rapunzel is such a feisty, strong, entertaining main character. And Finn and the horse? Those were the best scenes! I loved the movie so much I made my grown brothers watch it and even they admitted it wasn’t a bad movie. And, “not bad” is a good review coming from them.

Horton Hears A Who


Who doesn’t love adorable characters and two completely different species coming together to work for the greater good? The movie is so cute and funny. Horton is like the most adorable elephant ever with the nicest heart. And you really want him and the Mayor to accomplish their mission and to make everything right. Did I mention it’s funny?

Monsters Vs Aliens

For some reason I really like this movie. I think there’s an ongoing theme in this list. This movie is about different types of species hated by others coming together and becoming a tight unit, and together they conquer their own demons. Notice the theme? I think that’s what makes this an amazing feel good movie. The movie shows you how small we are in regards to the universe. It is also a great comedy.

Meet The Robinsons


Such an underrated Disney movie. I watched it when I was going through a tough time and the quote, “keep moving forward,” referenced through out the movie stuck with me. I’ve always been a dreamer and loved how the movie highlighted ambition and working hard to give you hope. The movie get’s you in the feels too with the ending and how everything ties together.

Bonus Movies

Might not be typical feel good movies, but they are entertaining to watch.



Nerve movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and it takes you on a fun ride. I really enjoyed the way the dares were done and how real it all felt. It’s stuff that could happen in real life. The way people interacted in real life and online was so true. And I know some people didn’t like the ending, but I did. I think it was well done and the message they wanted to leave the audience with came across the way it should. I liked the whole action/thriller vibe in the movie.

Shaun Of The Dead


This is if you don’t mind blood and guts and you are in the mood for something more wild. I watched Sean Of The Dead when I really hated violent movies, but it was hilarious. It’s just so funny and clever I couldn’t not like it. You can’t go wrong with it if you’re looking for a horror/comedy. Bonus: Another horror/comedy that’s fricking hilarious is Dale And Tucker vs Evil. It’s a hundred times more violent though and I hated the ending. But still, it was such a funny movie. Don’t watch the trailer! It will ruins the movie. If you really want to know what it’s about just read a brief synopsis or something.

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