A Court Of Mist And Fury

I was a little apprehensive about reading A Court Of Thorn And Roses because (don’t hate me) I didn’t enjoy Throne Of Glass – I couldn’t even finish it and I tried twice! But that’s a whole other story. So you see, I wasn’t crazy about reading this. I picked it up because I wanted to give Sarah J Maas another try since her books get so much hype. That being said, I am happy to say I enjoyed ACOTAR. It was much better than Throne of Glass. If you didn’t like Throne of Glass give this a go. It’s still about a girl in a castle but at least this time there’s more show than tell. Also, Feyre is a much more likeable character. There were bits I didn’t particularly like but overall it was a good read.

This is about A Court Of Mist And Fury, so let’s break it down.

I was extremely excited and nervous going into A Court Of Mist And Fury. I found myself reading it for hours, hours! I wanted to keep going back to see what happens with Feyre and Rhysand. This is going to be a spoiler review so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to be spoiled then please don’t carry on. For non spoilery – read it if you enjoyed ACOTAR because all your questions will be answered. Trust me!

Okay, let’s start with where the first book ended. Tamlin was the main guy. To me he wasn’t the best character in ACOTAR and I wasn’t feeling his relationship with Ferye, but by the end of ACOTAR I knew Rhysand would be the love interest, so I was interested to see how that would play out. In saying that, I completely hated Rhysand in ACOTAR. I was left wondering how would this evil guy with questionable motives possibly redeem himself? I had no idea. I couldn’t understand why people loved him so much. I literally couldn’t wrap my mind around their love for him. Now after reading ACOMAF I completely understand! He’s honesty amazing. Sometimes though I think he was too nice. Especially with the way Feyre treated him at times and what he’s been through. I wanted him to be angry, and stand up for himself but I guess he’s was just too broken with what happened to him Under The Mountain. A Court Of Mist And Fury starts with Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship. They both change as people and become very toxic for one another. The arguing, not speaking to each other and preferring to being alone portrayed a very empty and quite depressing life, and on top of that Tamlin wasn’t helping with Ferye’s PTSD. He was constantly treating her like she was less than him even though we could see how much she had changed since she was saved in ACOTAR. It was so silly of him to try and ignore the fact she wasn’t human anymore. In the midst of her days in the Spiring Court were my favourite scenes in the book. The times when Rhys would take Feyre away. I knew his offer to take her with him would come to play in an amazing way. I loved that he was helping her in the complete opposite way Tamlin was. How concerned he was when she was too thin and noticing her depression and PTSD then helping her to get better. We got to watch her change and come back to herself when she was living with him and how much easier and comfortable it was for her even when Feyre didn’t notice. It was so sweet.

One thing that didn’t make sense to me was why Tamlin changed his principles by the end of the book and was okay with taking the wall down just for a girl? Because I was under the impression that he cared about his court and what it stood for more than anything? Maybe we’ll find out more in the last book.

It seemed as if Ferye was stronger in the first book and weaker in this. It makes sense now that I think about it, she was mentally broken down by what happened Under The Mountain, and it weakened her as a person, but bloody hell I wanted her to stop feeling sorry for herself all the time. Her strength really kicked in at the end of the book and I’m so glad it did. At times though, she came across as quite selfish. Okay, fine, only when it came to Rhysand. I wanted her so badly to just be nice to him! Lol. It was always about how she felt and how someone made her feel! Like that time when she fought with Rhysand and expected him to come to her. Er, no. And he wasn’t even angry with her! Like come on Rhysand, you can’t be that nice all the time! Also, when she found out he knew she was his mate all along and was angry about him not telling her. Are you dumb, Feyra? Why would he tell you that when he knew you hated him? Use your brain. I was just waiting for her to get over herself and actually be nice to Rhysand and show us she cares about the guy like we did. It finally did happen and I wasn’t disappointed! She started fighting hard for him like he did for her and it was beautiful. I liked when Freye helped the inner circle because she saw how good they were and didn’t care what anyone thought. She was like yeah, I’m part of this group you all hate, and you don’t know know how amazing they are. It was also cool that Feyre was learning to fight and get stronger with her powers so she wouldn’t be that frail human girl Tamlin thought she was. Where Tamlin wanted to keep her in a cage, Rhys was helping her become her own powerful person.


The book was an enjoyable but cringy read. There were bits in this book that had me recoiling, and not just the, you know, sexy times. Speaking of which, I don’t read those scenes because they make me uncomfortable. I don’t need to know all that and for some reason they change the way I look at the characters. Is it just me? Hope not. I try to skim over what they say just incase I miss anything but yeah…if you don’t read those scenes, take it from me, you don’t need to read their conversation either. You’re not missing anything apart from extra cringe. The scene in the Court of Nightmares though :O…You know the one I’m taking about. The one on the throne. That was intense and so well done. Outside of all off that, some of their “flirty” conversations were so cringey for me. Apart from that I loved them together. Also, their little paper texts were so cute. There were so many fun scenes of them together when they were just bantering, longing, and learning about each other.

Velaris and Rhysand’s family. I found myself getting attached to Velaris along with Feyre and I was devastated when the stupid queens betrayed them and caused all that bloodshed in that, lovely, peaceful city. I’m kinda dreading reading the next book incase something bad happens to Amren, Mor, Cassian or Azriel. They’re all so flawed and great together and they’ve gone through so much, I’m rooting for them to finally get a happy ending. And fricking Jurain! Waiting for that annoying fool to die.

I need to talk about Nesta. Her relationship with Ferye was very annoying for me. I couldn’t understand why Nesta acted like she hated Ferye most of the time. You can’t hold a grudge that you, yourself made up for so long and treat your sister like trash because you felt like she was better than you. That’s a you problem! Also, Ferye looked after them their whole lives and Nesta kept treating Feyre like she didn’t care about Elain. Stfu Nesta! I get that she felt Feyre could handle herself and Elain was the weak one that needed protection, but she would clearly treat Elain like she’s more important, and so blatantly put her above Ferye. Don’t you think Ferye want’s her older sister to love her too! Freye did everything for them and Nesta was horrible to her.

Let’s talk about the end now, shall we? OMG, when Rhys and Feyre broke that bond! I was in a sad shock for a while. Not having them communicate in their heads was such an upsetting thought! But then we find out they had planned that all along, phew. I can’t wait to see their long distance relationship! Ah, so exciting! And what Ferye does in the Spring Court, especially with Tamlin’s advances etc. It’s going to be a fun ride.

PS: I pronounce Rhysand as Ry-Sand when I know it’s meant to be Ree-sand, and I obviously don’t call him Reese haha…but it’s too late now. He’s Rys and Ry-Sand to me now.

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