Let me take you back to a time where girls and women went wild and the rest of the world taunted and rolled their eyes at them. Yes, indeed, I’m taking about the Twilight craze. I’m not going to lie. I was one of them. I was obsessed. So obsessed. That was all I thought and talked about. It was a crazy time. I’m not even ashamed. I loved Twilight and I think it will always have a special place for it in my heart. Like all my stories this one starts when I was going through a tough time in my life. I want to talk about it one day because I would like to help others going through the same thing, but that’s for later. When I was young, I was one of those kids who through a phase where I thought reading wasn’t ‘cool’. I do remember being excited about getting books from the library, but I never actually read them. And when I did want to read books, I pushed those feelings aside because I was so brainwashed that I couldn’t push past it. The only book I owned and loved and read over and over again was Matilda. In school, teachers set me reading tasks and sent me to reading groups, but because I’m a stubborn person, I never picked up a single book they recommended and I dropped out of the group. If I was going to read I wanted to read on my own terms and not because someone told me to! That eventually happened when I was starting college.


I lost all hope in my hobbies and wanted to take on a new one. I was always fascinated with books and deep inside I knew I would love reading. I loved stories and used to write as a kid so it wasn’t such a big leap for me. I had to finally let my inner nerd out and not give a damn what people think! But where was I going to start? There were so many different books, so many genres, so much I didn’t know! I decided to google book recommendations and because it was around 2008 people were going mad over Twilight all the recommendations were for the Twilight books. To give you an idea of how much of a noob I was, I didn’t even know they were all part of a series. It was so overwhelming. The funny thing is that after all the research I chose to go read Twilight (the first book) because it had the best reviews. Can you imagine if I started with Breaking Dawn haha.

At that time I was active in an online forum had some friends on there. One of them was obsessed with Twilight. She was constantly posting pictures, quotes and freaking out over the Twilight trailer, so naturally I asked her about it. She told me it was the best thing ever and I needed to read the book before the movie. So, I watched the trailer and thought, wow, this is different, I’ll get the book and give it a go.

The next day, I went to the library and asked for Twilight. Sadly, the woman told me I had to be put on a waiting list because it was so popular, and if my memory is correct I’m almost certain she told me I was going to be 40th in the queue. 40th! No way was I waiting for that. I didn’t want to spend money on the book because I thought I wasn’t going to end up reading it and it was going to be a waste of money. Everyone thought so too, but I was in the mood and nothing was going to stop me. I went straight into the bookshop and bought the book. I had it in my hands and it was literally instant gratification. My mum wasn’t going to happy because she doesn’t like people wasting money, so I didn’t tell her I bought it. I hid the book when I got home. I had it for so long before I actually read it. I can’t recall what made me finally pick it up, but I remember it was always gnawing at me. I wanted to give it a go and I guess I finally fell into the temptation. What I do remember is the day I couldn’t stop thinking about the book. All I wanted to do was know what was going to happen next and live in that moment. That day we had some guests at our house and I snuck upstairs to read just a teeny tiny bit. That’s when you know it’s too late. You’re too far gone to leave now. The reading life has sucked you in and there’s nothing you can do about it. The feels you had when reading it are too intense to ignore. It’s like a drug and you want more.

The scene I was reading was the one where Bella was sitting in the canteen and watching the Cullens through the window as they all walked in.

It felt as if I was there, feeling all the feels, and it was amazing. Since then my love for reading and Twilight blew up and I was not ashamed of either.

Do you guys remember bebo? It was like Myspace and Facebook? You could make skins for your page, and guess what? Yup, mine was Twilight. I vividly remember one and it’s so embarrassing! It was literally a collection of cheesy quotes Edward said to Bella. It was up there for everyone to see. I wish I still had it to post on here. I was so proud back then. I even changed my name to ‘TwilightFreak’. I had a passion and it was Twilight. I drove everyone around me mad. All I could think about and speak about was Twilight. I wouldn’t take it back. I loved the good old Twilight days. So yeah, the book that got me reading was Twilight. It also provided me an escape from reality when I needed it. It was the only time I felt happy and not dwelling in my thoughts. For that I think I will always love Twilight. Now, reading is one of my favorite things ever!

In honour of Twilight and my reading journey I’m going to post some of the cheesy lines so we can cringe and reminisce together. I’ve tried to make the poster like the bebo skin I made. Not going to lie, the original had way more quotes.


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