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Going through hair loss is a sad time. It happens to a lot of people for many different reasons. These reasons can be medical or stress related. My hair had fallen before but never to the extent it did in what I like to call, ‘The Hair Massacre Of 2015″. It was right at the time I began wearing the hijab so I assumed it was because of my hijab. Thinking back, I had also dyed my hair a few months back so that could have also had something to do with it, and I was going through a lot of stress prior. I would touch my hair and literally have hand full of strands, they were also strands all over my clothes, and all over the floor. It was literally a massacre. It was the saddest thing ever because I’m so attached to my hair. If I asked anyone whether they noticed, they said it looked the same, but I knew something wasn’t right. The hair felt thin in my hands, the ponytail was light and I did this sad thing where I looked at my pictures and could clearly tell the difference. Worried, I went to the doctors and she told me it was because of dandruff, but I’ve always had a dandruff problem and it’s never been that bad. Maybe my hair hiding under the hijab made the dandruff problem even worse? I had to make some changes.

Say No To Tight Hair. Ouch.

I stopped tying my hair tight. I used to get a headache and my scalp would be in terrible pain which evidently is not good for you. At first I completely stopped trying my hair up and did the extreme and basically left my hair open or in a low pony tail or braid. I have long hair so that was not the most comfortable thing ever. Have you let your hair down in your hijab? It’s like a loose animal trying to escape. Then it’s a knotted mess after. So after the pain had subsided I went back to my usual half pony thing and made sure my hair was loose and not pulling the scalp.

Stopped wearing those those tube things and bonnets under hijab. I noticed they were tight on my scalp and pulled my hair back. With the regular cotton hijab I wore back then there was no need to wear anything underneath so I rarely ever wore anything. Nowadays, I wear either the one that ties at the back or the ninja under scarf.

Don’t Cover Wet Hair


I try hard not to wear hijab over wet hair. I noticed my hair dries very greasy and dandruffy when I do that.

Oil Is Good


I started oiling my hair. During The Hair Massacre Of 2015 I attempted to oil my hair with coconut oil because thats what’s popular and what everyone recommends. I’ve never had a good relationship with coconut oil, but for some reason it’s a holy grail for everyone. Whenever I have used it my hair falls out even more, but anyway, I gave it a try again hoping for some miracle and it obviously didn’t work. I then attempted to use egg and honey and let me tell you, that was an even bigger disaster and a huge mistake! I almost started crying with the amount of hair that fell from that. There are a million different oils and treatments you can use, so after extensive research I settled with castor oil. I read that it’s supposed to help with dandruff, hair fall and hair growth. It doesn’t have the best reviews and it doesn’t work for everyone, but I went for it anyway. I thought if coconut oil works for everyone but me, and castor oil doesn’t work for anyone, it will for sure work for me. I went with that totally scientific logic and I’m happy to tell you it worked! Yay! I also read olive oil is really good for moisturising flaky scalps so decided to mix them both together. These two have been perfect for me. My hair feels so much hydrated, softer, thicker and shinier. It helped reduce my dandruff and I was so happy that I found a treatment that didn’t cause my hair to fall, but actually help cure it. All I do is add a tea spoon of castor oil and olive oil, heat it so it’s warm, not hot, then mix it and massage it mostly to my scalp first then use the remaining on the rest of my hairs especially the ends to help with dryness thus split ends as well.

Cider Vinegar Is Awesome


Cider Vinegar rinse. I was a little iffy about cleaning my hair with vinegar, but I’d tried egg and nothing smells worse than that! I gave it a go and it was amazing! It’s part of my regular hair routine now. It literally makes your so shiny and soft. I still don’t have the exact measurements right. Some days it’s perfect, some days it’s not. I’ve seen people on youtube use a 50/50 method which seems too much for me. I came across a blog that mentioned diluting the water with just a teaspoon, so what I do is add a cup of water and measure the vinegar in it’s cap in a spray bottle. Don’t be like me and go over board. I ended up using it as conditioner every time I washed my hair and all that did was make my hair brittle. Now I use it once or twice a week depending on how much my hair needs it.

Brushing Hair = Breaking Hair


I was advised to stop brushing my hair because that causes breakage, I told them my hair tangles a lot, and they said it’s probably because I keep brushing it. I listened and stopped brushing my hair all the time, and went from using those big brushes to the wide combs when I really wanted to brush my hair. I switched to the wide combs because I read they were better for your hair since they don’t pull on it as much. I think the advice was right as my hair doesn’t get as tangled as much and I don’t seem to need to brush it as often as I used to. I can even go days without brushing my hair and it’s fine if I just run my fingers through it.

Say No To Heat

I used to hair dry my hair every single time I washed my hair. It was part of my hair routine for years and years and years. I have a lot of hair so air drying it takes forever so using a hairdryer was the easier and faster way. I had to give it up and get used to my hair drying on it’s own. Since The Hair Massacre of 2015 I’ve literately used the hairdryer like three times since then. And I haven’t touched my straighter. I’ve noticed a huge difference to what my hair feels like when I use a hair dryer and when I don’t. Using a hairdryer makes my hair feel heavier and more weighty, I have no idea why. When my hair is air dried it’s a lot lighter and airy.

Everything’s Fine


Last but not least, try to pretend you’re fine. Everything’s fine. Don’t stress over it. Tell yourself it’s not as bad as it was and it will only get better. Think positive. Reiterate good things even if you don’t believe it.

I also bought supplements for £30 which I don’t think even worked or maybe, they, mixed with all these other changes helped my hair loss. If you’re having problems I recommend trying natural things because what was created for us is always best. I still can’t tell you if my hair is back to how it used to be because it’s not as heavier as it used to be and I believe it’s not as thick. These might be because of the changes I’ve made have altered the way my hair behaves and looks. It took a year or two for my hair to finally feel healthier and grow. Whether it’s back to how it was or not I’m just happy it’s stopped falling.

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